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Qualified Recce operators that finish the Recce Mission receive a Recce Mission dogtag that contains the unique number engraved on their personal Special Forces Operator's Badges.

Finishers of each of the Recce Mission events that have already received a unique numbered dogtag might hand back their Recce Mission dogtag for a dogtag with a duplicated unique number already been issued to that participant.

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The ultra undurance Dual Mission will place participants in extreme conditions where they must stay in the moment and focus to successfully complete and 'survive' the mission.

This is the ultimate undurance event where participants will face the elements, evaluate their options and make decisions that will ultimately determine the outcome of their mission.

The Trail Jammie route will be a test of character. Some will stop for a moment to enjoy the views, others will focus on their own survival  and mission.

The Trail Light Duty route can be completed by most trail runners - to Conquer it, all you need to do is Dare entering the event.

The never say die attitude permeates through everything we do.


Those that conquer the Recce Mission will become the proud owners of the stainless steel Recce Mission dogtag

Not everybody will conquer the Recce Mission. Those that do not finish it be classified as ‘Jammies’; most of these will keep trying until they become the proud owners of the coveted Recce Mission dogtag!



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Recce Mission riders will experience exhilarating downhills and challenging climbs - for most these will become monsterous as the event progresses. There will be many obstacles along the route to overcome and to complete your mission.

The non-technical MTB Jammie route will be epic - it will take rider to places that they have never visited before...

Rider participating in the MTB Light Duty will have a MTB classic experience - is this the perfect route?

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Trail Mission runners will explore endless mountain and river tracks along the eastern escarpment. For some the numerous waterfalls along the route will be a valuable source of water, for others it might be just one too many challenge to overcome.

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Each Recce Mission finisher receives a uniquely numbered Special Forces style Recce Mission polished stainless steel dogtags. Similar to the Special Forces Operators Badge, this number can only be issued once to a Recce Mission finishers.

The winners for the MTB Mission, the Trail Mission and the Dual Mission also receive a golden Recce Mission dogtag.

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Uniquely numbered Special Forces Operator Badge

  • MTB Light Duty: 60 km | 1200 m | 7 hrs

  • MTB Jammie: 150 km | 2600 m | ~18 hrs

  • MTB Mission: 220 km | 4000 m | 24 hrs

An amazing event experience is guaranteed for both the strong rider as well as the weekend warrior!

  • Trail Light Duty: 28 km | 1000 m | 8 hrs

  • Trail Jammie: 52 km | 2000 m | ~18 hrs

  • Trail Mission: 100 km | 3000 m | 25 hrs

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  • Dual Mission: 180 km | 4000 m | 26 hrs

The Dual Mission comprises of a stage on the Trail Mission route and a stage on the MTB Mission route. The trail running section will cover an off-road marathon and the MTB section will cover ~140 km .

Participants should expect the best of both the MTB Mission and the Trail Mission...




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Riders and trail runners will be entirely dependent on getting food and hydration supplies at these points. As some, or most riders and trail runners, will be out on the route for close to 24 hours they can expect the following supplies along the route:

  • Food: Chips, baby potatoes, soup & bread, vetkoek and jaffels
  • Fruits & Vegs: Bananas or oranges, carrots & tomatoes
  • Sweets: Jelly Babies, Jelly Beans & Bar Ones
  • Hydration: Water & Cold Drinks
  • Energy: PVM Octane Powder, PVM Octane Gel and PVM Energy Bar (originally developed for the Recces)
  • Finish: Recce meal, Recce Craft Beer, PVM Energy & Protein Recovery Drinks

Routes will not pass through any local villages as these have all recently been captured by enemy forces. Riders and trail runners will not pass through other establishments along the route but will encounter LPs (Local Population); while these are mainly expected to be friendly, in some areas LPs might be hostile.

The Recce Mission will have several re-supply zones along the route. These are located at TBs (Temporary Bases), as well as at some CPs (Check Points).

Participants will also cross numerous rivers and creeks, pass by endless fountains and other sources of water...