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Recce Leadership and Team Building Academy

The Jammie events are MTB and Trail Running support events on the Mission routes. The Jammie ultra distance routes are unmarked and participants must be self-sufficient. Jammie must do their own navigation by making use of the GPX route files for each event, or the 1:50000 topographic maps in electronic format. 


Without the support of Jammies, few Special Forces Operations would be successfull. Jammies will be in close support of the Mission warriors and get a real taste of the action.

While the physical and mental challenge will be less extreme than the Mission, Jammies Jammies will endure much to complete their own mission.


Jammie mountain bikers or trail runners must pass through several checkpoints (called CPs) and Observation Posts (OPs) along the routes.

The final cut-off time for the Jammie riders or trail runners are at 17h30 on D-Day and they must make all the time cut-offs along the route. If they fail to make any of the time cut-offs these MTB riders and trail runners can continue as Light Duties, or they will be extracted and Returned-to-Unit (RTU).

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‘Jammie’ is the terminology used for Special Forces support personnel that are not directly involved in a mission, but critical to the outcome and success of any mission.